Black Hills Timber Equipment’s service department is the key to the operation. We know how important it is to stay up and running, as down time is very costly. Here at Black Hills Timber we strive to keep our customers going, as we depend on them as much as the do us. Black Hills Timber runs two service trucks full time and also a full time shop. Customers can haul their equipment in for repairs, or we can go to them. Logging equipment is extremely advanced and can be very difficult to troubleshoot. We have been all over the United States working on this equipment. Black Hills Timber does all types of repairs. Some of these include rebuilding engines, installing processing heads, and disassembling a entire machine for a complete rebuild. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us today.

Jeremey Garman 605-641-6692

Loren Wheeler 605-641-4072

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