Statistics show that 82% of small businesses fail in the first 10 years. Black Hills Timber has overcome the odds! This company originated when various local people already deeply engrained in the Forestry Industry decided there had to be a better way to get the right equipment, at the right price from someone local who actually cared about the native Forestry Trade. Jeremey Garman was instrumental in the early days of Black Hills Timber. When the opportunity was presented to become an owner of a business he had already purchased with his own hard work, sweat, skinned knuckles and determination he knew it was time. Now two years later, Black Hills Timber is a growing, vibrant enterprise that Jeremey and his employees plan to continue to nurture and grow for the future of the Black Hills region.

The Mission is simple: Strive to stay a part of the local community, hire local staff and continue to provide quality Equipment, Parts and Services to all our neighbors in the logging industry.

Our company Values are also simple: Quality and Integrity first, followed by Consistency and Honesty.